Stop Calling Me! Putting an End to Annoying Robocalls

If you are like me, you too have the pleasure of receiving annoying robocalls.  These unwanted phone calls or texts come at all hours of the day.  They disrupt your concentration at work, wake you up cell phone in handwhen you are sleeping, or interrupt your dinner.  They are indeed a nuisance, but even worse, some may also be a scam.  So what can we do?  For some helpful tips check out this article “Robocalls flooding your cellphone? Here’s how to stop them”:

Recommendations from the article include:

  1. Do not answer calls from numbers you do not recognize.
  2. List your numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry and if you still get unwanted calls, report them.
  3. Use apps to block unwanted calls (see article for recommendations).
  4. Turn the tables on telemarketers by using paid services to field the calls (see article for recommendations).
  5. Be cautious of scammers trying to get you to say the word “yes” so they can record it and use it to authorize unwanted charges.

Unfortunately, with the spread of internet phone systems making robocalling simple and inexpensive, we do not expect to see a reduction in the volume of calls anytime soon. – Tara

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Let the Training Begin!

Hi all! My name is Tara Schaufler and I’m the senior information security training and outreach specialist in the Information Security Office. I’ve been at the University for 13 years, joining the ISO staff last fall and have been tasked with increasing security awareness across our campus.
Currently, we are offering monthly information security training sessions on a variety of topics. Visit our Events page on our website for class descriptions and dates. For example, this month we presented “Creating Strong Passwords,” where we shared password and passphrase recipes, as well as a number of tips, tricks, and tools for managing passwords. Some feedback received included: “I didn’t realize there was so much to know about creating and managing passwords!” and “Thanks for the interesting and useful information.” And after the classes, the comments kept on coming and for that we thank you. It’s incredibly helpful to hear from our campus community. This helps us deliver training that is relevant and hopefully worthwhile! That being said, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached at or you can email me directly at Thanks and I look forward to seeing you at our next training session. – Tara

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